Stiqr.co is a service that allows you to share photos, videos, websites via small adhesive labels you can put anywhere you want, for example on a post card.
A stiqr is an adhesive label with a QR-code on it. When you scan it a first time, you can upload a photo or video or link to any website URL you want. From then on, a person that scans the code will be directed to this content.
The pattern on a stiqr label is a QR-code. In order to scan it, firstly you need a smartphone or a tablet device with a camera. Secondly, you need to install an app to scan the code. There are dozens of apps available, just open the appstore or google play and search for "barcode scanner".
This is very easy when you are using google chrome and are logged in on both devices with your google account. Just scan the code with your smartphone and open the link inside chrome. Now on your computer, you should find the same page in chrome's browser history.
No, you only need to uploade the file once. Then, just copy the URL of this stiqr and use it together with the URL-link function for all others.
Your uploaded photos and videos are stored on our servers for one year. After this period, they are deleted automatically. If you want to be able to retrieve photos and videos after more than a year, please use a filesharing service such as Dropbox and use the stiqr to link to the URL of the file. URL-stiqrs do not expire.
A code consists of 12 case sensitive alphanumeric characters, which gives 6212 ≈ 3.23 x 1021 possibilites. For someone trying one combination per second it would take more than a lifetime to test all combinations.
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